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Happy Holidays!

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I have not posted entries for the past few days. I went out of town with my family for Christmas. Then I had work on the 28th so I’ve been too lazy. I’ll post some pics from our Baguio trip!

Strawberry season!

Vodka, anyone? C’mon let’s drink!

This is Poddy. It’s made of scraps of cloth. I bought this February 2008 when I covered the Manikako (literally means My doll) event. If you buy a doll kit, proceeds will go to charity. Their organization is committed to helping children and victims of abuse by finding relief in art.

I called him Poddy because the event was held at the Podium mall. I kept this inside the shelf for a long time because it reminded me of my ex. But when I saw Dara and CL’s Tamtam, I decided that I need an object to love as well. Yeah, I needed something to teach me to love again. -> eww emo statement! lol!

My 2Ne1 lanyard up close!

My Nintendo DS lite loaded with fave KPOP songs. I need this when I travel far. Music eases my boredom.

My Nintendo connected to my Bigbang lanyard

Enjoy the holidays! Cheers from the girl wearing muscular G-bob!

Lanyards courtesy of

****These are personal photos. Please don’t get it without my consent!


Minzy’s fangirl in da house!

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So, okay everyone is fussing about the recently concluded SBS Gayo Daejoon and KBS Gayo Daejoon. But I have to write an article about Minzy’s boyish charm that really got me. I kept delaying this article even before Christmas. I just have to spazz over Minzy before I get stuck again in another holiday.

This entry is all about Minzy who never fails to surprise me from time to time. I first noticed her boyish charm when I saw W Korea photos.

Then the rehearsal photos for MAMA performance

Last blow when I saw the videos and photos of Lotte world Free Christmas whatever

Look at her! She is so hot when filled with boyish charm! I so love her moves as well! Good dancers are really a turn-on for me.


My loneliness is killing me

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That was the line from Britney Spears’ song “Hit me baby one more time.” Anyway, I decied to write this entry because my hormones are acting up again. I’m PMS-ing again! I’m feeling depressed and lonely. Why oh why do women have to deal with this shit once a month?

As I was on my way home, I had companions inside the cab but still I felt the loneliness. How many times did I go home feeling empty? Countless! There were even times when I thought of suicide. I just thought about it, okay? I did not plan it. HAHA. So for all the lonely people out there, cheers to you! This will all soon pass. Let’s hope for the best this coming new year. Please let us all hold on to hope that everything will be better soon. Peace! Saranghae.. =)

I’ll leave you with something to fill your heart with love.

Credit to someone from Sorry I dunno your username.

Capacity to Love

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A while ago, I read Taeyang’s GQ Korea interview. It was a long article posted in but still I continued to read it while working at the office. I then got the impression that Taeyang is a really deep person. Behind his shy personality, I think there lies his emotions that go unexpressed.

Now let’s try to focus on the contrasting personality of Gdragon and Taeyang so that we can understand Taeyang’s personality better. Gdragon is the type of person who can express himself directly, while Taeyang has a lot of feelings and emotions buried inside him. These feeling go unexpressed. Perhaps, he has no idea how to open up and just let those emotions erupt. Another thing, we can easily read Gdragon’s feelings. These days he is under tremendous amount of stress because of the on-going investigation. If you are really observant, you can see in the latest videos that he is really affected. Taeyang, on the other hand is very hard to read. He is not posing as a mysterious type of guy. He is just so hard to analyze, okay?

Then, why am I analyzing Taeyang’s personality? It’s because I can really identify myself with him. I also have to deal with the whirlwind of emotions inside of me and it’s always a struggle for me to just let it all out. Going back to his interview in GQ Korea, his issue of being loveless ever since was brought up. Unlike Taeayang, I have experienced falling in love and getting hurt big time. But that was last year. It has been a long time since I have experienced love. Still, I think that Taeyang and I are going through the same path. It’s not because someone does not love us.  Our capacity to open up and be vulnerable is in question. Sometimes, the issue is our capacity to love.

There’s got to be somebody
I search around the world
But I cant seem to find
Somebody to love

I know its hard to achieve
But can’t a girl believe?

*Stuffs posted here are personal observations of the author. Please respect that. Cheers! Leave a comment!

2NE1 and Bigbang Lanyard

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I really like the 2NE1 Lanyard I bought online @ I haven’t used it yet because I don’t want it to get dirty. So right now, I’m using my Bigbang lanyard and it’s attached to my Nintendo DS Lite. Here is my Bigbang lanyard


I am not in any way affiliated with JAPKORGOODIES. I just decided to post this because I love these purchases that I got from them.

TOP is so HOT!

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“I missed my heartbeat for you.”


I wish his hair is always down like that and I hope they don’t even consider shaving his eye brows again. Oh please! That’s so gay.

[editorial] Top 20 CL Moments of 2009 – #11

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*more top20 CL moments of 2009 on

No.11 CL’s gender bender image

CL is not the typical uber feminine girl and she’s not the boyish type like f(x)’s Amber. What’s really awesome about CL is her ability to switch from sexy chick to bad-ass chick. I mean wow! Not everyone can do that.

Not everyone looks gorgeous wearing only a simple T-shirt.

Now, brace yourselves for the sexy, uber feminine, uber hot leader.

Then, let’s try to combine it! I think combining it gives off her very IMPRESSIVE fierce image.

Whew! I feel breathless seeing those photos! 2NE1 talked about their mixed gender image on KBS Sukira Kiss the radio. Even the Super Junior boys think that CL is really cool! Starts at 2:43.