2NE1 and Bigbang Lanyard

I really like the 2NE1 Lanyard I bought online @ japkorgoodies.multiply.com. I haven’t used it yet because I don’t want it to get dirty. So right now, I’m using my Bigbang lanyard and it’s attached to my Nintendo DS Lite. Here is my Bigbang lanyard


I am not in any way affiliated with JAPKORGOODIES. I just decided to post this because I love these purchases that I got from them.


13 Responses to “2NE1 and Bigbang Lanyard”

  1. how much is the 2NE1 lanyard? can i buy yours? haha

    • around Php 180. just but it directly from japkorgoodies.multiply.com. I like using my lanyard. hehe

      • i saw it already but i have one last question 🙂 how much, ALL in ALL (shipping + whatever fees) did the lanyards cost you?

  2. Php 180 also for the shipping fee. Php360 all in all.

  3. for the bigbang lanyard, i got it for 180, promo price. i think it’s more expensive.

  4. paulo Says:

    how much is the big bang lanyard? can i still avail for a lanyard? how much all in all including the shipping?

  5. […] 2Ne1 and Bigbang Lanyard […]

  6. daragon Says:

    oh my!! i can’t find japkore in multiply….

  7. jana cantillana Says:

    Good day. I want to avail 2 big bang lanyards. Can you send me some infos about this. janacantillana@yahoo.com

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