My loneliness is killing me

That was the line from Britney Spears’ song “Hit me baby one more time.” Anyway, I decied to write this entry because my hormones are acting up again. I’m PMS-ing again! I’m feeling depressed and lonely. Why oh why do women have to deal with this shit once a month?

As I was on my way home, I had companions inside the cab but still I felt the loneliness. How many times did I go home feeling empty? Countless! There were even times when I thought of suicide. I just thought about it, okay? I did not plan it. HAHA. So for all the lonely people out there, cheers to you! This will all soon pass. Let’s hope for the best this coming new year. Please let us all hold on to hope that everything will be better soon. Peace! Saranghae.. =)

I’ll leave you with something to fill your heart with love.

Credit to someone from Sorry I dunno your username.


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