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effin drunk!

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Ok, so I promised myself not to get too fuckin drunk, not to mix beer with hard drinks. But here I am again too drunk to even write this blogs straight. Where the fuck are the fan vids of the BIGSHOW???? ohwww. PLEASE DON’T EVER MIX BEER WITH HARD DRINKS, unless you wanna die?

oh shit..


Gong Minji Go Minji Go!

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This is one day late! But I only have time now to write an entry with videos and photos of Gong Minzy. I hope she had a blast yesterday even if they were all working. It was her day, I hope she was really happy. You have to hear this awesome song made by his fanboys. Please.. If you’re a Korean and you happen to crash into my blog, please give me an idea what’s it all about.

Awesome song, right?! This is another video of Minji to smile about.

Minji’s unnies always get paired up with lots of boys, right? She should also be paired with none other than…..

THUNDER! I honestly don’t know what the hell came into my mind why I think I want Thunder for Minji. It’s just that I think Thunder has this cute baby face and so is Minji. Oh whatever. They look cute together. =)

Strike2: Heart palpitation c/o YG family

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When I saw this, I had irregular heartbeats. Gyuri is really hot and she really deserves to be called a Goddess. Of course, Taeyang is getting hotter each day. Every time I see Taeyang, it’s like I want to offer myself to him. He’s just too YUMMY. HAHA.   THIS IS ONE HOT COUPLE! I would love to see more! I’ll call this the HOTNESS COUPLE. =)

Photo Credit:

I was at the office when I saw this. I felt my body stopped functioning as I kept staring on this photo. It was like CL is staring at me too. CL will always be my favorite 2NE1 member, my favorite leader, my favorite rapper, my favorite celebrity, and my favorite girl. It will never change. So yeah, she has an overwhelming effect on me. Be CL-overdosed at CLBADDESTFEMALE FANBLOG.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT the least is the dance machine, the maknae of 2NE1! Gong Minzy looks really cool here. I’ve said this before, that I really like her boyish charm. Seeing her being tough makes me so proud of her. Although CL is and will always be my favorite, Minzy is also special to me. First, her awesome dancing skills is really a turn on for me. Second, I can totally relate with her as a maknae too. I know how hard it is to perform well combined with the difficulty of dealing with pressure of exceeding the expectations of many people. I can also understand her somewhat passivity that was shown in 2NE1 TV. It’s never easy to get rid of self-doubts and prove oneself. I can tell by Minzy’s actions that she’s somewhat struggling to go all out. I think she’s still a bud, waiting for the right time to bloom. I will patiently wait for that day that she would turn into a beautiful and fully-bloomed flower. =)

Fucked up!

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I woke up feeling fucked up today. So I decided to smoke cigs in an attempt to melt away the negativity that’s building up inside of me. I still feel uneasy even after smoking. Oh man, I really can’t take this emptiness.

What’s missing was you

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DEDICATED TO NO ONE IN PARTICULAR. I don’t actually have someone special these days. I don’t have hang-ups or whatever in my heart. It’s just plain empty space.

PAUSE by Kjwan

I thought I didn’t need you
Thought I could rule the world without you by my side
As the world bears down on my shoulders
I find the fear doesn’t subside

Where have you been?
I’ve been so alone
I don’t know how I’ve lasted this long

You said “The fires won’t consume you,
And in the rivers you won’t drown”
I wish to pause this moment
‘Cause as I cry I start to realize
What’s missing was you

I need you
You give me strength
You take away my fear
There was a void in my heart that only you could fill

A must-read for ALL BLACKJACKS

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. We are BLACKJACKS and we are supposed to be the ones defending CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY from fucking bashers and haters. I can’t believe that there are people (who have the NERVE to call themselves a BLACKJACK) who bash another 2NE1 member. You are not expected to like all the members but you are expected to at least show respect to them as part of 2NE1. Why do people have to drag down another 2NE1 member to prove that a certain pair is better than the other? It doesn’t matter if you bash in YGL or in other websites. Shame on YOU. YOU have the fucking nerve to call yourself a BLACKJACK when YOU go out there and fucking bash a particular member. How would you feel if your favorite 2NE1 member would be bashed? It really pisses me off if there are haters of 2NE1, but the reality is you can’t please everyone and we all have different tastes. So haters can hate all they want. I DON’T FUCKING CARE.




*I want to hear your side. Feel free to comment, BUT DON’T FUCKING BOTHER TO START AN ARGUMENT.

I’m upset so I’m so sorry if you read a lot of F words in this entry.

Hello 2010!

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I don’t think I have prepared well for this New Year. I still have no concrete plans as to what I want to achieve this year. I’m still unsure about the future that I want for myself. For that, I think I need divine intervention or epiphany. I need to see the light on the path that  I am supposed to take.

One thing I’m sure of is that I’m a solid fan of 2NE1 and I would definitely watch their concert here in the Philippines. I read in the news that they really have plans of coming here. I also want to go to Korea for vacation or study. I know my family can afford to send me to Korea, they’re just NOT willing to spend a BIG amount of money. They said that if I really want to go to Korea, I should save up. Considering the fact that I work in a Korean company, I don’t think it’s possible to save that big amount. Hellooooo. FYI, Korean employers are super kuripot (thrifty).  Anyway I can’t say much since I’m doing this entry in the office. So yeah, I hope and I pray that I can find a way to go to Korea and watch 2NE1 and/or Bigbang in concert. Oh Lord, there must be a way to go to Korea without spending so much. I don’t plan to stay there for years. Hmmm. C’mon, there must be a way. Oh please.

Anyway, let’s leave my Korean dream for a while and look back to the year 2009. Last year was really tough for me. I resigned from my call center job on January. For about ten months I had no work. I tried making my business thrive but my efforts seem useless. I had a lot of disappointments that really made me questions my worth as a person. I was loveless and struggled to move on from my last failed relationship. Whew! Oh man, that was tough. During the last quarter of year 2009, things began to get better when I started liking 2NE1. (I’ll create another entry about this. ) I then found a job as English teacher to Koreans over the phone.

Hello 2010! Let us all hope for the best this year! I think it’s impossible that only good things will happen, but still let’s welcome the blessings that will come our way this 2010! Cheers to everyone! Saranghae.