Well-said! re heechul being gay?

Fangirls, don’t overreact too much please. It just goes to show how much you loathe gays. Heechul can swing both ways, so just let him. You can’t blame people if they’re doubting Heechul. It’s hard to be convinced that he’s straight when he kisses guys and gets their numbers for meet-ups.

Whether he’s gay or not, he can do whatever he wants. He can like whatever he wants. I just prefer his feminine side, though. hehe.

User mingilicious said in allkpop

Mithra and Heechul… at least we know who the bottom in that relationship is.

It’s sad that artists that actually are gay are never able to come out because of the ignorance and the stigma in Korea. In the end, it’s all about business, and being gay is bad business when you have hundreds of thousands of screaming [delusional] little fan girls that dream of marrying you.

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One Response to “Well-said! re heechul being gay?”

  1. longlocks Says:

    I personally like bi – men
    Nothing wrong with it,I find it hot when he kisses other guys ,have a open mind people if you don’t like to see it simply don’t look.
    If that’s what he likes to do for what ever reason gay straight bi or tri. You go Heechul

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