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Are you a TRUE Blackjack?

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If you’re new in this fandom thing, you’ll be surprised at yourself for all the overreaction and over the top expectations you have on idols. Of course it’s normal to be insane and stuff. But I think you should take time to reflect that there’s really nothing wrong with the idols. It’s your obsession that’s taking over you. It’s hard to get hold of emotions when your life seems to revolve around idols. I am guilty of this and confessing this is really hard. I took a few steps back, distanced myself, and just let everything cool down.

Even if I’m watching SNSD and other KPOP groups, I still am a Blackjack. 2NE1 is the reason why I got into this whole KPOP thing. I was completely indifferent with KPOP until 2NE1 just sort of took over my life. lol.

I heard that some fake Blackjacks are bashing 2NE1 members. While I did overreact, I never bashed them or hated them. That’s just unacceptable when you claim that you are a Blackjack. I’ve written a blog about this before.

A must-read for ALL BLACKJACKS

It’s UNACCEPTABLE to bash them when they’re working so hard and giving all their efforts. I hope you can be sensible enough to understand what they’re going through.


Last CL-related post

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These are some downloaded photos/gifs that need to be deleted in my office computer. Images searched from

fan girl much?! breathe..

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As what I’ve said in my previous entry, being a fan girl can kill you. Yes, I guess my point had just been proven. People tend to make a fuss over little things. Oh please, we are all just fans. Let’s not act like we are part of idols’ life. It doesn’t help to blow things out of proportion, howkay?!

Special message to Babes: Medyo may idea nako sa nangyari. Alam mo yung fans ng isang member, may tendency talaga magisip ng kung ano-ano. Alam mo yun, parang tanga lang. Pero, masyado sila obsessed so yun wala na sa tamang pag-iisip. Wala kang kasalanan or kung anuman. Salamat pa rin sa fancam at fan pics. Napanood ko bago mo tanggalin. =)


I am actually struggling with being a fan girl. Now that 2NE1 is in LA and CL is with Teddy in a Mercedes Benz. It’s crazy like I don’t even know what to think about. Then, CL hid to avoid being photographed. Fck, it’s insane. I don’t even want to analyze the whole situation. It just brought weird feelings. It’s like I have to remind myself to not too get too affected. I hope the photo won’t spread too much in the net. Fck, it’s too much. I don’t really know what exactly I’m feeling.  (READ COMMENTS BELOW for clarity)

For now that it’s getting oh so crazy, I should forget about being a Blackjack. Just for now. I’ll be a Sone. Is it SONE? Yeah sorry, I’m kind of new to liking SNSD.

Hyoyeon, distract me again with your killer moves! haha

Being a fan girl can kill you

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Aside from the heart palpitations that your idols cause, obsession can actually make you go insane. Every single thing related to your idols affect you too much.

I swear, I never imagined being an avid fan of anyone. I used to find it ridiculous when I saw fans going insane over idols. I mean, why? It seemed illogical for me. It’s like fans have no life and are pathetic. But now that 2NE1 captivated me, I finally understood the fan girl life. I’ve gone insane. I’ve now become one of those fans I used to criticize.

Everyone knows that 2NE1 is in LA, doing some secret stuff. lol. A lucky fan, Babes, got to meet them and asked for their autographs. Of course, for a fan it’s such a big deal. It’s like you can die after meeting them. But it seems that 2NE1 were a bit cold. I guess it’s because they’re tired or jet lagged. It kind of hurts watching the video.  I’m not mad or anything. It just kind of hurts. What if it happened to me or something?

I’m trying to make sense of what I’m feeling. I guess it’s because Filipino celebrities are just more accommodating, like they’ll even be the one to hug you or kiss you. They make sure they’re friendly. I’ll write another blog about this and about meeting Filipino celebrities. It’s getting late and I know I shouldn’t let this kill me. lol.

I’m not mad, alright? Maybe I should lessen the degree of my obsession. Maybe we all should lessen our degree of obsession. Well, I hope I can do that because it doesn’t seem easy. Ugh, I should just let SNSD’s Hyoyeon’s superb dancing skills distract me.

Hyoyeon, the spotlight should be on you!

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I’m a Blackjack, alright? But when there’s nothing new with 2NE1, I get bored and give other girl groups a chance to catch my attention. lol. I mean, of course I want to know what made others like them. Seriously, I also get curious with other girl groups.

Lately, I’ve been watching SNSD. With nine gorgeous ladies, it’s hard to stand out. The members that I first noticed were Sunny, Yuri, and Taeyeon. I see them the most in various variety shows. In variety shows, members with aegyo of course get the most number of air time. On the other hand, in performances, the most popular member gets focused frequently.

For a while, SNSD had no effect on me. They have similar moves and appearance. They move as one, which is necessary for a group with many members. That also means that not a lot of members are given the chance to shine. I like them. It’s pleasing to watch them whether they’re doing variety shows or performing live. But still I wasn’t super impressed when they perform. NOT UNTIL…


I absolutely had no idea she IS that GOOD.  I mean I thought all they know is to act cute, I didn’t know that the a SNSD member knows how to be fierce! It’s just that they’re always acting cute and all that. So, I find it amazing to see Hyoyeon’s fierceness.  I kept watching this over and over again.

The spotlight should be on Hyoyeon. With the talent and a gorgeous body she has, she should  be given full attention. She’s fierce! I am a number one fan of fierceness! It moves me when someone performs with so much passion.

Whew! Hyoyeon, are you sure you’re in the right group? Are you even in the right entertainment company?

Hyoyeon deserves to shine! I have one wish though…perfrom a killer dance routine with Taeyang!!! OMG, that would be soo great! I mean both of them flows really well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

i am a CLover! i lover her! loooove her!!!

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I can’t hold it any more. I have to express my obsession! Okay I admit.. I AM A CL FANGIRL! I can’t really explain why I like her a lot. If you ask me why, I can only answer that it’s because she’s perfect. I mean she’s amazing. I like every single thing about her.

Okay, at first, I didn’t find her pretty. She wasn’t so bad. I just hated her thick make-up and insane fashion style. But while watching 2NE1TV, I saw her bare-faced and she somehow showed the real Chaerin.

I wasn’t aware of it at first, but her fierceness blew me away. She’s the kind of person who’s really born to be a performer. Of course she’s born with the talent in singing, dancing, and rapping. Her incredible stage presence is just amazing. I often wonder where she gets all the confidence.

She’s always sets the stage on fire! She really leaves me dumbfounded every time I watch her perform. Her dance moves are so precise and she flows well. Every dance move, every note she hits are just so powerful. It’s like she’s supercharged. It seems that she has the strength of two guys.

She can be one of the boys, and be as cool as them.


She teases us with her feminine side.  It kind of makes my heart melt seeing her shifting from being charmingly boyish into being so feminine. She’s boyish with a touch of femininity. And that makes her sooooo cool! Not a lot of girls are like that. They are either soo feminine or sooo lesbo.


*heart palpitations*

*chest pains*

Why aren’t you a guy??? Why??! I wish you were a dude, so we can get married! hahaha! I don’t even believe in marriage, but I will if you’re a guy. =D

It sucks to be a fan, sometimes

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Maybe I’m becoming too obsessed that I wanted to be closer to idols. But c’mon. It’s impossible, right? It’s quite frustrating, actually to be a fan. In the end, you’re just a fan. And these idols know nothing about you.