i am a CLover! i lover her! loooove her!!!

I can’t hold it any more. I have to express my obsession! Okay I admit.. I AM A CL FANGIRL! I can’t really explain why I like her a lot. If you ask me why, I can only answer that it’s because she’s perfect. I mean she’s amazing. I like every single thing about her.

Okay, at first, I didn’t find her pretty. She wasn’t so bad. I just hated her thick make-up and insane fashion style. But while watching 2NE1TV, I saw her bare-faced and she somehow showed the real Chaerin.

I wasn’t aware of it at first, but her fierceness blew me away. She’s the kind of person who’s really born to be a performer. Of course she’s born with the talent in singing, dancing, and rapping. Her incredible stage presence is just amazing. I often wonder where she gets all the confidence.

She’s always sets the stage on fire! She really leaves me dumbfounded every time I watch her perform. Her dance moves are so precise and she flows well. Every dance move, every note she hits are just so powerful. It’s like she’s supercharged. It seems that she has the strength of two guys.

She can be one of the boys, and be as cool as them.


She teases us with her feminine side.  It kind of makes my heart melt seeing her shifting from being charmingly boyish into being so feminine. She’s boyish with a touch of femininity. And that makes her sooooo cool! Not a lot of girls are like that. They are either soo feminine or sooo lesbo.


*heart palpitations*

*chest pains*

Why aren’t you a guy??? Why??! I wish you were a dude, so we can get married! hahaha! I don’t even believe in marriage, but I will if you’re a guy. =D


One Response to “i am a CLover! i lover her! loooove her!!!”

  1. i feel exactly, exactly the same…. I dont believe in marriage to… Were exactly… Exactly…. The same About cl…idk but their something… In her… She soo CooL…

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