Being a fan girl can kill you

Aside from the heart palpitations that your idols cause, obsession can actually make you go insane. Every single thing related to your idols affect you too much.

I swear, I never imagined being an avid fan of anyone. I used to find it ridiculous when I saw fans going insane over idols. I mean, why? It seemed illogical for me. It’s like fans have no life and are pathetic. But now that 2NE1 captivated me, I finally understood the fan girl life. I’ve gone insane. I’ve now become one of those fans I used to criticize.

Everyone knows that 2NE1 is in LA, doing some secret stuff. lol. A lucky fan, Babes, got to meet them and asked for their autographs. Of course, for a fan it’s such a big deal. It’s like you can die after meeting them. But it seems that 2NE1 were a bit cold. I guess it’s because they’re tired or jet lagged. It kind of hurts watching the video.  I’m not mad or anything. It just kind of hurts. What if it happened to me or something?

I’m trying to make sense of what I’m feeling. I guess it’s because Filipino celebrities are just more accommodating, like they’ll even be the one to hug you or kiss you. They make sure they’re friendly. I’ll write another blog about this and about meeting Filipino celebrities. It’s getting late and I know I shouldn’t let this kill me. lol.

I’m not mad, alright? Maybe I should lessen the degree of my obsession. Maybe we all should lessen our degree of obsession. Well, I hope I can do that because it doesn’t seem easy. Ugh, I should just let SNSD’s Hyoyeon’s superb dancing skills distract me.


5 Responses to “Being a fan girl can kill you”

  1. i’m a nice girl… so usually i’m don’t get it why you can’t just be nice to stranger. that’s just my honest opinion… but sometime… if i get approach by stranger ALL THE TiME who only want someone from me… i guess i’ll might not be so happy when i see them. But like in the vid…. CL was being polite. she smile and well mannered… she might not be enthusiastic about it…but she did her fan service…. i”ve seen some people who will just ignore you flat out like you don’t even exist. another fan account fromm adam about meeting YG fam at the YG building… he also mentioned about how bad he felt about approaching them and bothering them even when he could tell they were really tired.

    so as always…always just take it as a grain of salt…and try to remember… she’s awesome the way she is …it probably mean she’s under constant stress too.

  2. I know that you’re upset with my overreaction. Believe, I’m upset too. Like, this is so not me to be so affected with a celebrity’s life. I mean if I wasn’t too obsessed, and if I wasn’t used to being treated warmly by celebrities, I wouldn’t have this kind of over the top reaction and expectation from her. So yeah, that’s the point of this blog post. Unlike other insane fan girls, I realized that it’s too much. And so I wrote the post “Last CL-related post” because it was my way of detaching myself. I know I’m too much and I need to seek balance.

    So yeah, before you actually told me this, I was already quite aware that I’m going extreme. Of course I still like her. She’s like my number one girl crush. I’m not upset with her reaction or something. I’m not upset with anyone, but myself.

    • no……of course not… Why would i be upset? please don’t take it the wrong way. I hope you will still support Cl and write about her. it’s just sometime you (as in fans in general…not you specifically) shouldn’t take things to heart. kinda like…if your friend is having a bad day and she’s not really in the mood…you might not like it…but you wouldn’t be too affected/sadden by it.

      • I know, right. It’s overwhelming. Like I don’t exactly know what I’m feeling. I have mix emotions, like I’m envious because fans got a chance to meet 2ne1 and I’m sooo curious what they’re up to. It’s like the suspense is killing me. haha. But yeah, I can wait until they finally unveil their collaborations and stuff in their new album. =) For now, I’m keeping a distance cos like it’s too much to handle, really. I’m so glad you understand. I knew you’d understand. =)

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