Are you a TRUE Blackjack?

If you’re new in this fandom thing, you’ll be surprised at yourself for all the overreaction and over the top expectations you have on idols. Of course it’s normal to be insane and stuff. But I think you should take time to reflect that there’s really nothing wrong with the idols. It’s your obsession that’s taking over you. It’s hard to get hold of emotions when your life seems to revolve around idols. I am guilty of this and confessing this is really hard. I took a few steps back, distanced myself, and just let everything cool down.

Even if I’m watching SNSD and other KPOP groups, I still am a Blackjack. 2NE1 is the reason why I got into this whole KPOP thing. I was completely indifferent with KPOP until 2NE1 just sort of took over my life. lol.

I heard that some fake Blackjacks are bashing 2NE1 members. While I did overreact, I never bashed them or hated them. That’s just unacceptable when you claim that you are a Blackjack. I’ve written a blog about this before.

A must-read for ALL BLACKJACKS

It’s UNACCEPTABLE to bash them when they’re working so hard and giving all their efforts. I hope you can be sensible enough to understand what they’re going through.


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