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KPOP stress

Posted in Girls Generation, Hyoyeon, KPOP, SNSD on 07/29/2010 by whatevertoni

I’m on my way to stop being an obsessed and overprotective fan. Being a fan is too stressful. If I read something bad, I get too affected, like I want to beat someone up.  The overwhelming SNSD hate is too much to handle.

Aside from the negative feeling surrounded by KPOP, I’m also tempted to splurge on useless kpop stuff.  tsss.

I should just appreciate KPOP music as it is.  Idols should serve as an inspiration. They’re idols and they don’t know me. I’m not obliged to be extra caring for them or whatever.

I hate being attached too much.

I’ll just use KPOP to make me happy. That’s it.

KPOP stress ends now.


i’m a dead person walking

Posted in blah on 07/29/2010 by whatevertoni

I feel so hollow these past few day. I feel nothing all. I swear this worthless and meaningless existence is creeping up in my usually stable life. I have to do something, or else I’ll slowly wither away.

I’m sick of my life. Now I know how a suicidal feels.

Use the past tense when talking about past events.

Make love to me through the night

Posted in love?! with tags , on 07/28/2010 by whatevertoni

This is such a classic!

I would run away with youuuuuu.

Hyoyeon international forum!

Posted in Girls Generation, Hyoyeon, SNSD with tags on 07/23/2010 by whatevertoni

addicted to Hyo? Register at Hyoyeon’s International Forum.

c’mon and let’s spazz like crazy. that will be our home. =)

7 shot Hyoyeon *hotness overload*

Posted in Girls Generation, Hyoyeon, KPOP, SNSD with tags on 07/22/2010 by whatevertoni

Photos of Hyoyeon in my office computer are piling up!

WARNING: May cause intense spazzing, heart palpitations, and erratic breathing.

bare faced. still a beauty!

genie, make my wish come true.

*heart palpitations*

hotness with glasses

aww sweet look

hair down

damn gorgeous hyo!

Desktop background..tada~

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Please don’t make us wait any longer…..

more vogue girl photos @

Pushing me out of my comfort zone

Posted in blah on 07/17/2010 by whatevertoni

Various events for the past few days are really disturbing me. It’s like I am being shaken while I waltz inside my comfort zone. This solo waltz with no direction is actually getting boring. People and circumstances join forces to strangle me, leaving me grasping for air, until I have no choice but to run and finally step outside the comforts of MY zone. I would really love to take risks and just jump out into the open, but being merely a risk-taker isn’t enough. Calculated risk is necessary for a fulfilled life. Right now, I just pray to God to direct my steps. He knows what is in my heart. He knows where I should be.