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Hyoyeon in Seoul SM Town 2010

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Hyoyeon fan cam dancing Genie.

HQ photos. More HQ photos at Hyoyeon’s international forum.

*oh so sexy*



Seeking balance

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Career is important.

But a meaningful life is more important.

As they say, you have to lose some to gain some.

Some things are worth letting go.


Nothing is final yet.

YG fans are elitist?

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Well, it depends on how you perceive us.

As a YG fan, I don’t think we are elitist.

YG fans often leave comments that YG artists are the best, like they’re above everyone else in KPOP world. OTHER fans retaliate by saying that YG fans are elitists saying we think so highly of our idols.  So what? If you can’t think highly of your idols, then what kind of fan are you?! If you get so insecure whether or not your idol group is the best, then the problem is not with YG fans. The problem is with you because you are unconsciously unsure if your idol group is really the best.

Why do YG fans alway say that their idols are the best?

Because we are fans. duh! We are so confident about their talent and passion for performing. It’s not like we’re putting down other idols. They’re just saying that YG artists are the best and the other idols are irrelevant…for them. That’s their (I’m not included because I like SNSD so much) opinion.


OTHER fans say that it’s kind of OFF or annoying whenever YG fans always say that their idols are the best. I think what’s more annoying is when fans are so possessive with their idols like they own them. Then if something bad is pointed out about their idols, they get sooooo defensive like they will kill you or something. gawd.


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GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Countdown to goodbye?

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We’ll see..

I have to weigh my options.

I need spiritual guidance.

I wish I was talking about my love life. It would have been a lot easier.

God help me.

SNSD birthday

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Happy third birthday lovely ladies!

Here are photos to make you smile.


hyo dude! love her!


i’m inspired to shed off my beer belly

hyoyoung couple



One Way Love

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This isn’t an emo post. I’m talking about the KPOP group One Way. On Aug 1st, we went to SM MOA for a family dinner. The resto was near the activity center. We were still quite far from the area, but I could already hear the crowd especially screaming girls. I had the gut feeling that it was One Way. There they were having a collab with local singer Christian Bautista.

What I like most about One Way?

They don’t look gay, and they are definitely talented!

Here’s their fantastic cover of Taeyang’s “Only look at me.”