I just want my Toanyone CD

Up to now, I still haven’t received my Toanyone CD. 2ne1ph already sent the CDs last week!!! Thanks Xend Express for the delay!!!!!! They’re the cheapest and most fucked up courier in the Philippines.

Oh please.. I just want my CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

again.. Xend Express.. YOU SUCK! If you don’t improve your services, I hope you go bankrupt!

*anyone reading this.. let everyone know how much they suck so they will be bankrupt!


One Response to “I just want my Toanyone CD”

  1. I have nothing but bad reviews for XEND. And I plan to inform everyone of their unprofessionalism.

    1. They do not bother following your instructions when you book a pick-up schedule online. Sometimes, they arrive very very late. Worst, they do not arrive at all.

    It can be forgiven, but…

    2. At least inform your customer that you will be late or you can’t make it. Ebay sellers strongly strive for a five-star rating. And it’s sad when your feedback suffers because of the thoughtlessness and disregard of XEND.

    This still, can be forgiven, but…

    3. Have a functioning contact number. My Gosh! There are days that I just plain give up trying to reach you because no one is answering. When there are times that you do answer, I exclaim HALLELUJAH! But still, I had to dial your number all throughout the day and wait with ridiculous amounts of patience. Combine this scenario with the previous two scenarios and you have a recipe for disaster. Imagine, it’s already nighttime, and XEND has not yet arrived to pick up your package. You don’t know if XEND will still come and honor their commitment, they do not text or call you. And you cannot even reach them because their contact details do not work. You SUCK XEND!

    This cannot be forgiven anymore, but it gets worse…

    4. I have never received any non-positive FBs…until now…due to XEND’s fault…they damaged my item despite me providing enough protection in the package and labelling the package with FRAGILE, DO NOT BEND…etc…

    I hope XEND will rectify, but…

    5. XEND just threw me in a loop…I emailed them last year, I complied with all of their requests for me to claim on my insurance. I requested my buyer to take pictures of the waybill, the items and I sent it to XEND. I emailed them links of my auction, etc.

    They called me from time to time to inform me that they are working on it. Sometimes, they forget my case and I remind them again. They even told me the item was not insured even though I checked the box for “Insured” in the waybill, because I did not pay any additional amount. It’s their own stupid fault for not asking for the correct amount. Anyway, the time has passed for my buyer to revise the FB he left me (again, it’s very difficult and time-consuming to connect to XEND’s number), so I am moving on from the incident and accept my Neutral FBs, but I swear that when I have the time, I will post scathing reviews of XEND and repost this message in the internet, social media etc…

    Your service sucks, XEND!

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