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This ad is too 2ne1. And I love it.

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I’ll try this when I get back in Manila


Uncle Hyoyeon

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soooooo HYOndsome!!!!!!!!!

CL does something bad?

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Perfect.. perfect..

Coz I’m so bad bad….

Cr: ihartbigbang in tumblr

I’m into tumblr these days. It’s so easy reblog photos, articles, etc.

I have the same username.


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I’m excited and nervous for my first ever trip to Tokyo, Japan. I’m going to meet my sister there. But I still haven’t had a reply from her regarding Seoul Tokyo Music Festival. Then I’m also going to tour alone. That kind of freaks me out. So yeah whatever, I hope I can meet someone or anyone that I can hang out with

Seoul Tokyo Music Festival

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Who will watch?!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be in Japan during this time. Tag me along please. I don’t want to be alone…

Closing time

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

I am at this point in my life where comfort is about to end, and uncertainty comes looming in.

I only have how many days left before I officially leave the company I’m working for right now. Everything has been great. My office is located at Makati Central Business district; I have a really considerate boss whose number one priority is employee satisfaction; and I have crazy and fun to be with co-workers.

I had to say goodbye to all these. A few months ago, I kept on whining on my sister about leaving. She just said, “Oh well that’s life. You either leave your friends or they leave you.” It gave me the strength to face this reality and accept that I can’t forever be in my comfort zone.

On the 27th, I’ll leave for Japan and stay there for about 11 days. Hopefully all my KPOP fantasies would come true. And it includes suddenly meeting CL and Hyoyeon in the streets of Tokyo or just somewhere in Japan. haha. I’m still not sure if I can go to the event in Saitama Super Arena. If SNSD confirms, I will do everything I can to make my sister say yes to pay for the ticket. haha. But I’m so clueless about concerts in Japan. Like do I have to go there five hours ahead or whatever. I dunno. I just hope that everything will work out fine, though.

Closing time, open all the doors and let you out into the world.

Who’s going to meet Aimee Lucas in Makati?

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I wanna meet her!!! She twitted that she’s going to meet fans today 10-11-2010 in Greenbelt. That’s just around 15 min away from my office. I don’t know if I’m really going  to come. I have no Blackjack friends. I dunno. I might look stupid if I go there alone. whatever. I really dunno. Anyone going? Hmm… If you’re coming, tag me along please. haha..