Chaera Fanfic teaser

Forbidden: Muffled cries

Wassup~!? Bom’s practicing alone right now.. The others are preparing for the recording.. I’m home alone!!! I’ve been sleeping lightly recently and I’ll hear them come in later~! Kukuku..Good night~!^.^ Bbong~!

Remember the time when Dara spent the day alone in their old apartment? She was sooo scared. All the other members had schedules. Bom was practicing “You and I.” CL and Minji were recording “Please don’t go.”

Then CL came.. “Unnie, I’m here.”

What happened when CL and Dara were left alone in the apartment? With no cameras around since 2ne1tv season 1 just ended.


I’m assuming many of you are waiting for a sequel. haha. I’m gonna tease you for a while. I wrote it down in my notebook. It needs polishing, and I also need to read novels, so it will come out better.



2 Responses to “Chaera Fanfic teaser”

  1. yay(: thank you !

  2. bleighton_chaera Says:

    ..can’t wait!

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