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KPOP doesn’t excite me as much as before. But i have this so called KPOP project that I’m really looking forward to fulfill. I will soon reveal that in this blog, tumblr, and twitter.


For the Chaera fans waiting for another short story FORBIDDEN. Again, I already wrote it, but it’s not yet polished, and I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I have no inspiration. I’m finding it hard to believe in love. *choke* finally.. *puke*


I had the ancient laptop reformatted. All files got deleted, including my sister’s San Francisco photos back in 2005. She had no other back up. I could tell she wanted to kill me. Of course it’s frustrating to erase memories. But what if she didn’t have a memory of those memories? She wasn’t bothered that she didn’t have access to those files for almost 2 years since the ancient Dell laptop was just in the storage. She wasn’t bothered until I informed her. tssssssss.

I think memories has this ability to mess with our present. I remember learning in my last history subject in College that IN REALITY THE PAST DOESN’T EXIST.

Do you know that the sense of smell triggers the flashback of memories? Like if you smell something familiar, you are sort of transported in a certain memory. I’m sure it happens to all of us, but some may not be aware. Take what happened to me yesterday. I sat beside someone in a jeepney who used the  same cologne that my sort of ex once used when we were going out. It triggered a flashback of my sort of ex’s neck, a bed, etc. Anyway, I still enjoyed smelling it. =D



Addicted to tumblr

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My gawd. If you’re a KPOP fan, tumblr is the place to be. But it’s painfully addicting. I check tumblr more than I check my personal account of facebook and twitter. I have to lessen my time in tumblr and find a new job real quick! I need to get a life. Shit.

More HyoSica

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HyoSica’s room

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I wonder what happens in there. hmmmm


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I’m almost neglecting this blog. I’m hanging out more in my tumblr account. I’m usually posting about Kim Hyoyeon, 2ne1, and Bigbang. So go follow me if you’re also interested in them. And regarding the Chaera fanfic, it’s there but i’ll watch more 2ne1tv for inspiration.