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Forbidden: Muffled Cries (Chaera couple)

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Wassup~!? Bom’s practicing alone right now.. The others are preparing for the recording.. I’m home alone!!! I’ve been sleeping lightly recently and I’ll hear them come in later~! Kukuku..Good night~!^.^ Bbong~!

“Unnie, I’m here.”

Dara hugged CL as she stepped inside the room. CL just stood by the door, frozen while Dara hugged her tight. They had not spoken for days, yet she got a hug from her Unnie.

“I’m glad you’re finally here! I got so scared to be alone,” Dara said as she faced CL.

The look on Dara’s face was really bright, as though someone had rescued her from danger. CL, on the other hand, remained cold even if Dara still had her arms around her neck.

“Bom has a schedule, too. I was alone since I woke up this morning, ” Dara continued blabbering despite CL’s cold treatment.

CL bit her lower lip and carefully removed Dara’s arms around her neck. Surprised, Dara raised her voice.

“Yah! Chaeri..”

“What is your problem, unnie?” CL shot back. “Do you think I don’t notice it? You’ve been avoiding me since MAMA night. Now, you get close to me just like that?” CL continued. Her voice was so loud echoing in their empty apartment. She could feel the intense release of  emotions that she had been keeping for the past few days. Dara’s cold treatment was stressing her out.

She quickly turned to Dara. “Is there something you want to tell me? You know we can always talk about everything.”

Dara couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of CL. “Yeah, we can talk about everything, but can you put on a shirt first?” Then proceeded to laughing hysterically.

Apparently CL was talking non-stop while changing clothes, oblivious that she was making Dara uneasy. She only had her bra on, and she was just beginning to undo her pants. However, instead of putting on a shirt, Chaerin yelled again.

“Yah! Unnie!!!

Chaerin ran half-naked towards the steps leading to her bunk bed. Dara had just invaded her property again. She started pulling Dara’s legs, but she couldn’t get rid of her.

“Unnie!! Yah!! You’re not going? I’m going up there now.” CL sternly warned her.

But instead of forcing Dara to go, CL just lay down beside her unnie. She had been so busy promoting the maknae team’s single. She was just so tired to keep up with Dara’s hyper mood.

“I envy you, Chaerin. How do you that? How can you always be always yourself even around new people? Maybe it’s why I have been avoiding you. I feel awkward around you at times. Your strong aura is a bit intimidating. It’s like you’re everything I’m not.”

“Unnie, you’re making it sound like I’m perfect. I’m everything but perfect.”

CL turned to face Dara. Once again, their faces are only inches apart. It seems that they are getting comfortable with this position.

“But unnie. Thank you for that compliment. It’s what I needed the most at this time.”

CL just didn’t move. She just closed her eyes and remained in her position. While Dara just stares at CL’s serene face. Dara was pleased just looking at someone whom she felt at ease with. She could just let her guard down when she’s with CL. She could feel it inside her. She couldn’t really tell what it is. She seems satisfied, blissful, and secured with CL beside her.

Everything was peaceful until CL abruptly opened her eyes and stared at her. This shocked Dara. She was about to turn her face away, but CL gently grabbed her face. CL’s lips finding Dara’s.

Author’s notes:

The setting is in their old apartment as what we’ve seen in 2ne1TV season one. The time is around November 2009 days after MAMA 2009. I was supposed to make it longer with more action but my dad is beside me. No creative juices would come out! haha. This obviously has a continuation.