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drunk… again.

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When I go home drunk, I don’t go to sleep straight. I always surf the net first. I don’t want to lie on my bed while my head is spinning.

I always value the bond among my friends when we’re drunk. We become more honest and free of inhibitions. I think that’s what makes our relationship stronger.

Next time you see drunkards, don’t judge them quickly. They just want to be free of their inhibitions.



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You always are in a happy mood, and you never seem to show whatever it is that you carry inside of you. But I can read you now. I know that beneath the facade, you are burdened. When you can’t carry on anymore, please remember that there are people who admire you for everything that you are. May we serve as your inspiration just the way you are to us.

New Ancient Bike

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My sister bought a new bike that looks old school!! We were so psyched about it. My dad even tried to ride it in our parking area. I wanted to have a long ride, but Manila isn’t  a bike-friendly city. Oh well. I’ll just be happy biking in our parking area. lol.

For CL’s 21st Bday Project

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I met two wonderful fans to gather their wonderful gifts. I’ll set up another meet up on the day of shipping itself, since we Filipinos have trust issues. lol. Thanks Karice and Rose for the gifts! Giving gifts for CL gives you a chance to win 2011 YG-Life Planner!

Join CL’s 21st Birthday Project!

Time to show the leader some love! =D

More details at:

‘It’ does exist

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It’s kind of hard to believe in it after a relationship gone bad. It’s hard to let my guard down. Honestly, I don’t know how to do that anymore. I tell others that I’m cynical, but deep inside, I have always believed in it. I may not want to go through it again, but I realized that I don’t want pain to be my last memory of it. I will allow myself to experience it again once that person comes. I know that that person will let me realize that it’s worth the risk….

because love does and always will exist.

I hate what I’m feeling right now

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Someone is making me feel uncomfortable. dang!!!!!!! That person is younger than I am, but damn I feel so fucking awkward. I guess I’m just an awkward person. I’m usually aloof with people.

What friends?

Posted in express on 01/08/2011 by whatevertoni

You know how you think you have a lot of friends, but they are nowhere to be found.