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I got my dream job!

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Yesss! Finally!

I’ve been wanting to work for a TV Network, and now I finally got it! Oh yeah. Thank God for that. It’s true that good things come to those who wait. Yes, I waited patiently for this. I turned down some offers, and some companies turned me down as well. I’m still a trainee, and I still have to prove myself. I can’t be complacent. I can feel that my sister still looks down on me, but it’s fine because I’m going to use it to motivate myself to do my job well.

This is it. This is THE JOB. This is not just any other job. This isn’t a routine 8-5 job that can cause serious brain damage. This is a fun job with challenges on the road. This is just a beginning, and I can’t blow it. I pray for God’s guidance.

This is something I really really want to do. I pray for strength and guidance.


This network probably won’t be the media partner of 2ne1’s concert here.

Well, probably…



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Don’t wish to be numb because you’ll feel neither sadness nor happiness.

Forbidden: Muffled Cries continuation (Chaera fanfic) TEASER

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As soon as CL’s lips touched Dara’s, it sent electric shocks all over their bodies. Both of them are lost in their own world. Yes, they had created something beyond the blissful world they thought they knew.

* I saw this photo in tumblr. It’s like Dara is about to eat CL. LOL. Give me time to finish this continuation, ok? =)

Books that I need to buy..

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Don’t laugh at me for not having read these. I will.. soon!

1. Vagina Monologues

2. Great Gatsby

3. Fight Club

4. Catcher in the Rye

5. Sophie’s World

6. Lord of the Rings

7. Alice in Wonderland (?)

I have this book somewhere. I’m just not THAT interested in reading it, but I think I’ll miss out on a lot of things if I don’t read this.

8. Haruki Murakami books.

So far I’ve read Norweigan Wood and Wind-up Bird Chronicle

9. A Walk to Remember

I watched the movie, and I wasn’t satisfied.

10. Kite Runner

I’m also not satisfied with the movie. I mean it’s good, but I really prefer to read the book.

11. Stranger Than Fiction

I haven’t seen the ENTIRE movie yet.

Finishing 100 Facts

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18. I have almond-shaped eyes.

17. My hair is really dry.

16. I’m giving up tumblr this holy week. Well, it’s a Catholic thing to sacrifice something during holy week.

15. I am definitely more productive without tumblr.

14. I consider Mac computers the best computers ever.

13. I had my first serious relationship when I was 13.

14. I had my first break up when I was 15.

15. My greatest frustration is not being able to dance properly.

14. I want to learn how to play the violin.

13. I like rock, rnb, and hiphop music.

12. I love watching Glee, House M.D., How I Met Your Mother, and Outsourced.

11. I’m starting to dislike watching Korean movies/dramas. I think most of them are predictable.

10. My friend suggested that I watch “Sex is Zero”. I told her I didn’t like movies about sex. However, I enjoyed watching it. It’s disgusting, yet touching. (ironic lol)

9. I like being with lively, talkative, and considerate people.

8. I tend to dislike people who are only child. I talked to my friends about it. We all agreed that there’s something lacking in them because they have no siblings. They have a tendency to have their own world, insensitive, and inconsiderate to others.

7. I actually met an only child who isn’t what I described above.

6. It may seem like I can handle rejection well, but the truth is it’s just a facade. I really don’t take rejection lightly.

5. I don’t easily fall. I don’t easily let go.

4. I don’t really spend for others.

3. I don’t mind spending money for someone special.

2. I met my one great love.

1. I lost my one great love.

P. S.

But then again, great love does not equate to true love.

Am I a Slacker?

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My family thinks so. At one point I thought the I was. But not having a decent job doesn’t make me one. Fulfillment in a job is my number one priority. I can’t spend eight hours of my precious day doing something I’m forced to do. I’ll just end up dragging myself to work, and I’ll just do my work half-assed.

I just can’t do things without passion. If I’m not going to be passionate, then what’s the point of doing it? I never believe in the idea of working for money. I don’t see the point of working just to get by. Maybe it’s because I come from a family who can provide for my needs. But we’re not that wealthy. Everything we have now resulted from hard work. I just hope they would understand that I only strive to do something for something that is worth fighting for. I also hope that they would understand that earning a lot is not my basis of success. When I get rich, it would not because I’m a high-paying EMPLOYEE. I’d be rich because of investments and financial wisdom.

On Monday, I’ll get my shot on a TV network. I’m scheduled for an interview. I can’t say that I’m 100% sure that I’ll enjoy that job if ever I get accepted, but I’m willing to give it a try. I need to know before Thursday if I can get into this TV network. If not, I’ll have a stint at an international school, which is also cool. I’m letting God’s hand lead me somewhere. I just hope and pray that I land a job at either the TV network or international school.

I really don’t know my future.

All I know is that I’ll work hard, even 14 hours a day if I know that it’s worth it or if I enjoy it.


One random fact about me

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19. I like visiting this blog, It’s Kim Daul’s blog. Daul is an international model who committed suicide in November 2009. Her posts are philosophically profound. Maybe she was bipolar. I dunno, really. But bipolar people are so artistic and they have a certain depth that “normal” people don’t usually reach.