Fact Me More

79. There’s a scuba brand that is the same as my nickname (NOT Toni).

78. I would really like to be a good surfer, but my number one problem now is my endurance.

77. I used to bite my nails. Yes, even toenails when I was young.

76. I can relate to the character of Dr. Gregory House.

75. I can never see myself as a housewife.

74. I don’t believe in marriage, but I daydream about my wedding ceremony.

73. I dislike wearing heels.

72. I need braces, but my dentist doesn’t think so.

71. I only buy something relatively expensive when I’m sure that I’m going to use it often.

70. I like cereals for breakfast because I’m too lazy to cook.

69. I grew up having a housemaid in our house.

68. By college, we had no more housemaid, and I had no choice but to do the housechores.

67. I think women should not be limited to being a “housewife”.

66. I don’t think that early marriage (early 20’s and below) will last.

65. I don’t think you should get married just because the girl is pregnant.

64. I came from an exclusive all girls Catholic school, yet a number of my batchmates already have babies. Some are single moms. Some hate the guy who got them pregnant.

63. If I don’t succeed in the corporate world, it means I’m destined for something greater.

62. I want to have a son someday.

61. I like wearing black because for me black is sexy.

60. I’m thankful that I don’t get fat no matter how much I eat.

59. I can’t seem to get rid of my eyebags.

58. I like picking my nose. I like it clean. duh.

57. I don’t think I’ll ever grow my hair beyond shoulder length.

56. I always go to Tony and Jackey for a haircut. It’s quite expensive for a haircut.

55. I know how to type properly because when I was in highschool I practiced it while chatting.

54. I don’t think I ever had nail polish in the nails of my hand.

53. I dream of living by the beach, but the thought of tsunami is making me think twice.

52. I like reading a book while I do my thing in the comfort room.

51. My sister and I punched each other because of 2NE1. She didn’t want me to get addicted to 2NE1, but she ended up liking 2NE1. She even copied the entire mini album from my CD in her iPod.

50. A lot of people think that I’m rich just because I graduated from an ivy league school.


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