Finishing 100 Facts

18. I have almond-shaped eyes.

17. My hair is really dry.

16. I’m giving up tumblr this holy week. Well, it’s a Catholic thing to sacrifice something during holy week.

15. I am definitely more productive without tumblr.

14. I consider Mac computers the best computers ever.

13. I had my first serious relationship when I was 13.

14. I had my first break up when I was 15.

15. My greatest frustration is not being able to dance properly.

14. I want to learn how to play the violin.

13. I like rock, rnb, and hiphop music.

12. I love watching Glee, House M.D., How I Met Your Mother, and Outsourced.

11. I’m starting to dislike watching Korean movies/dramas. I think most of them are predictable.

10. My friend suggested that I watch “Sex is Zero”. I told her I didn’t like movies about sex. However, I enjoyed watching it. It’s disgusting, yet touching. (ironic lol)

9. I like being with lively, talkative, and considerate people.

8. I tend to dislike people who are only child. I talked to my friends about it. We all agreed that there’s something lacking in them because they have no siblings. They have a tendency to have their own world, insensitive, and inconsiderate to others.

7. I actually met an only child who isn’t what I described above.

6. It may seem like I can handle rejection well, but the truth is it’s just a facade. I really don’t take rejection lightly.

5. I don’t easily fall. I don’t easily let go.

4. I don’t really spend for others.

3. I don’t mind spending money for someone special.

2. I met my one great love.

1. I lost my one great love.

P. S.

But then again, great love does not equate to true love.


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