When the weather is hot, tempers rise up as well

This was the scenario in Monumento Station of LRT 1:

There was an Xray machine (anti-terrorist stuff) at the entrance, similar to the machines in the airport. My keychain got stuck in between spaces. It was no ordinary keychain. It created a really loud noise like an alarm since that keychain was like an anti-robber whatever. So, I sort of panicked because it was creating a loud noise. I struggled to pull it out. But then another bag was about to come out of the machine. I pushed the bag back to the machine, so I could pull out my keychain properly. I must have pushed it too hard unintentionally that the other bag turned upside down, and some of the stuff fell on the conveyor belt. Again, it was UNINTENTIONAL on my part because I was in panic mode. The owner of the bag said in a loud voice, “Miss naman, tinaob mo yung bag ko.” So I said sorry right away. In situations wherein it was really my fault, I apologize right away. Then she was still bickering, so I said, “Sorry po talaga.” I was really sure that I said sorry at least ONCE.

I got my bag, turned away when she furiously yelled, “Miss naman ikaw yung may deperensiya. Tinataob mo yung bag nang may bag.” I snapped right away, turned to her, and said in a really loud voice (not yet my loudest), “HINDI KO NGA PO SINASADYA.” We glared at each other, and she couldn’t respond at all. She was probably shocked at my indignation. Yes, I had proven my point. As I was turning away, I said with sarcasm, “Sorry ah!”

I so love her reaction. Wala tuloy siyang nasabi. Hindi ako palaaway, pero palaban ako. I don’t back down, especially if I’m right. Lumalabas pagkabitchesa ko. I came from a family of alpha females.

I had to write about the incident since I was still pissed about it. I’m in my PMS stage, and the weather was extremely hot a while ago. I could understand why tempers shoot up as well. However, that kind of reaction from a lady (in her 40s or so) was uncalled for. I could understand her side. I mean I would also be annoyed if someone turned my bag upside down, but I couldn’t see the point of being too hot-headed about it, especially if it was unintentional. I feel a little better knowing that I acted the right way. I didn’t call her names or said cuss words. I was successful in communicating exactly how I felt.

These scenarios of clashing tempers are common at the peak of summer weather in May. Everyone just can’t help but be annoyed over little things. But c’mon people, being annoyed would just annoy other people. Try not to spread the fire.

Credit to the owner of the photo. It’s my edit, btw.


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