I failed! So what?!

Last week was probably the longest week of my life. It was a week of torture. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. The stress of my job was combined with pressure to do things perfectly. In my struggle to achieve perfection, I failed face down. I was at the lowest point of my life, and I felt my colleagues pressed me to the ground even more. Good thing was that my family was there to pull me out of that ditch alive. They were very much supportive. They knew I wasn’t just complaining. They realized that I was in great distress. I was breaking down and hyperventilating from time to time. I couldn’t sleep and eat well. I wasn’t able to function normally. It was surely a nervous breakdown. I was able to breathe much better after the shoot on Saturday. However, the lousy job I had done still left me anxious. My dad was there to rescue me. He clarified to my boss about my mental state. I wasn’t normal anymore. I just couldn’t perform tasks well.

Right now, I’m trying my best to go back to my old self. I started by getting enough sleep and eating lots of food. I have to make up for the pounds I lost last week. Physically, I feel much better. I just have to work on my mental and emotional strength. I failed big time, and I disturbed the peace of everyone at work. I know I have to redeem myself. I may have failed in this, but I know too well that I am not a failure. This failure doesn’t define me as a person. This failure will keep me stronger and it will bring me closer to success. I learned my lesson. I learned the hard way. I experienced God’s mercy through all these difficulties. I know that after this, I will be a much better person.


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