Forbidden Series (Chaera fanfic)

First and second fic can be read as a one shot. These are all interrelated. Read in this order:

FIRST: Forbidden

SECOND: Forbidden: The Closer I Get To You

THIRD: Forbidden: Muffled Cries

FOURTH: Forbidden: Muffled Cries (part 2) 

The fourth one is a smut yo. haha. I’m not going to post it here! So log in at And tell me if you want more. 😉

ChaeRa love love love love


5 Responses to “Forbidden Series (Chaera fanfic)”

  1. bleighton_chaera! Says:

    can’t wait,hehehe,so it’s a smut this time..yay!

  2. bleighton_chaera! Says:

    big thanks to you!!!i so love it,and definitely want more,either you continue the story or write a new one..hahaha,demanding much..thanks again!

    • I’m planning to do a Girls Generation smut this time. Sooyoung and Yuri. I dunno if you’re a fan. But for a change, I needed new characters. hehe

  3. CLover Says:

    You’ve stopped updating this.. Why? You promised to make more 😦

    • oh. sorry about that. i kind of drifted away from the fandom. i unexpectedly become a fan of another girl group. if ever i’d go back to writing fanfics, i’d write about this other girl group.

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