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Lead me Lord…

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because it’s hard having to decide for myself.

because you know better.

because I can get lost on my own.

because I trust You.



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People may conclude that this is a chronic laziness syndrome. Maybe it is. But this is how I feel. I feel uninspired. Everyday seems like a drag. I try to keep on going but with no clear purpose. I still don’t know where I’m headed. It seems that even if I exert effort, I won’t get anywhere. Ugh, save me.

SNSD Good Vibes

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Wide Awake

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I woke up this morning, and it was all clear. My longing for my ex was all clear. Had I been in denial for so long? I had been saying to myself that I had no hang ups whatsoever. But a strange thought came to me, and I knew it. I’ve been looking for that person in my past in some people I get a chance to be close with. I kept looking for it. Hence, I have never really given others a chance. I have never really given myself a chance that I might be happy with someone else.

Of all the hangups in the world, the worst one is not knowing you still have one.

HyoHyuk, the official blonde couple

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I conclude that..

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there will be always that one love you can never forget in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a happy relationship as of the moment, but you will always go back to that one love you once held dearly.



Someone like you

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I’d be willing to splurge just to hear her sing this live. And hopefully I’ll be with my ‘someone like you’.


Careful.. because this song is addictive. It’s about the lost love of Adele. Well, just watch other videos of Adele on how her supposed to be true love just ended up with nothing. This happens to a lot of people. I am no exception.

We labelled that person as “the one”. We threw away all our cards and risk everything for the idea of a grand thing called true love. We then got off the game carrying the trauma of losing.

This song “Someone Like You” by Adele reminds everyone of that love that was lost. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a happy relationship. That lost love must have left a scar somewhere. This song is here not to remind you about the pain, but to console you that you are not alone .

Listening to this song in a concert gives off a feeling of shared pain that was the result of a love lost. I will pay to be in a concert of Adele. And I hope she doesn’t fail me. I hope she sings this and engulf everyone of the feeling of excruciating pain of lost love that cannot be brought back.