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Open Heart

Posted in love?! on 04/29/2012 by whatevertoni

I was alone on Good Friday until early Easter Sunday. Yet, I could genuinely say that I was happy. I was able to have an ample time to meditate and reflect. I was also able to say that I was genuinely happy to be single. I mean c’mon. I’ve been single for a long time, but that was the actual time when I really felt satisfied.


I met someone after holy week. This person disturbed my happy single life and made my heart flutter big time. After two meetings, we parted ways. lol. It sounds tragic, but it really was just a case of meeting someone that could help in opening up my heart. I don’t know if I would ever see (insert name here) again, but whatever it was no big deal.

Then I dated A. I went out with A before, but it was awkward. I was sure that I didn’t want to meet A again. lol. But A texted me to have dinner, and we did. We hung out for about four hours. We had to go home to catch the train, and A still had work the next day. Unlike our first meeting, we had a lot of fun. It was that rare kilig feeling.

I thought that it was a rising action until we reached climax and be together. BUT no. I’m finding it hard to read A. Wow. We were already growing apart after the first real date. lol.

These encounters with A and (insert name here) were really disturbing. I guess it was a bad case of expecting too much for something to happen. Sucks for me. lol.

Good thing is I now know how to go back to the center of my life. And just let God be in control with my life.

For whatever these encounters were worth, I still thank God for that rare kilig feeling.