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Where are you Caravaggio from

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In 2008, I started visiting in I don’t know how I landed there. I’m not even from UP. There are a handful of columnists int that site, but Caravaggio became one of my favorites. In my Internet research, I found out her name is Ina. She’s probably in Denmark now, but I hope I could find her blog or whatever. I just want to read more of her articles and stuff. I also like the columnist named Angel, but it’s hard to do Internet research about him/her because there are a lot of Angel Locsin stuff popping out, which is really annoying.


Here’s one part of what Caravaggio had written:

“I miss you” means everything and nothing, it is unflinching and honest. It is upbeat and simple, with wisps of longing and clouds of hope. You miss people you used to love, people you used to want, people you used to need. But most of the time the missing is all that’s left, and that’s OK, there’s nothing else you’d change. The missing implies a past that remains in its rightful place. Or it implies the reality and possibilities of the present. It is hope and love and lust and peace all at the same time. Some people say that when they met that person, it was akin to “coming home”. And missing is this manifestation of home-sickness, the way people return to their homelands to die, the way all the comfort the world has to offer is nothing compared to the feeling of being in someone’s arms.

Dear Ina, the world deserves to read your works.


Smart ass

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I didn’t expect you to be that smart ass. You have a point, and I admire your firm stand to uphold your moral values. But c’mon man. Be realistic. Do you actually think you can stop people from having sex? You have a girlfriend. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it, or you have no sexual urges at all. Population control is not a guaranteed solution to poverty. However, it’s safe to say that passing the RH Bill values human life, and there would be less poor children with hungry mouths wandering in the streets.


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I woke up today feeling awful about my life that seems to be without a purpose. I’m under a lot of pressure to achieve and prove myself. I have no idea where to begin or where I should be headed.

What’s wrong with me?

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no motivation..

plain sad..

I blame Friday the 13th.


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It’s a new year, yet I don’t feel motivated.  I have so much to achieve this year. I can’t sort out my feelings and my thoughts. But my longing for something..or someone is what is clear to me.I don’t know. I really don’t. The only solution I can think of is clean up the clutter at home. Cleaning up clears up my mind. Maybe if I do this, I can manage to sort out the loose ends of my life.

Better Day

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Today is another day, a much better day.


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I’m bracing myself for tomorrow. Whatever happens God has much better plans for me.