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Haters in Kpop

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Trolls, read the full article here.


CL the CAT

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Sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!


Pinoy Blackjacks represent!

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benta!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Forbidden: Muffled Cries Part 2 (Chaera Smut)

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[ONESHOT][R] Forbidden: Muffled Cries Part 2

I’m absolutely not going to post it here. haha. So log in at to access the link. 😉




Forbidden Series (Chaera fanfic)

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First and second fic can be read as a one shot. These are all interrelated. Read in this order:

FIRST: Forbidden

SECOND: Forbidden: The Closer I Get To You

THIRD: Forbidden: Muffled Cries

FOURTH: Forbidden: Muffled Cries (part 2) 

The fourth one is a smut yo. haha. I’m not going to post it here! So log in at And tell me if you want more. 😉

ChaeRa love love love love

Forbidden: Muffled Cries continuation (Chaera fanfic) TEASER

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As soon as CL’s lips touched Dara’s, it sent electric shocks all over their bodies. Both of them are lost in their own world. Yes, they had created something beyond the blissful world they thought they knew.

* I saw this photo in tumblr. It’s like Dara is about to eat CL. LOL. Give me time to finish this continuation, ok? =)

Facts About Me

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39. I fight for love, and I don’t hold back.

38. Therefore, I became traumatized after the incident in 2008.

37. I find Hanggul really hard! Trying to learn Korean lyrics gives me headache!

36. I don’t find much meaning in pop songs. I’m not talking about the lyrics, but the beat itself isn’t sufficient to give out the desired emotions.

35. Lately, I’m not applying lotion. Mainit!!!

34. I like playing with babies/toddlers. But after a while, I get bored in their company.

33. This international school stint this coming May is making me nervous!

32. I believe/know that I will someday make films!

31. I will go to South Korea. Hopefully at the peak of my KPOP addiction.

30. I accidentally discovered a really tasty noodles in Singapore. It’s Malaysian wanton dumpling noodles. It’s heavenly! It has a distinct taste that is hard to imitate.

29. I want to take really good pictures without calling myself a photographer.

28. I was conceived/born because my parents wanted to have a baby boy. But I ended up a girl anyway.

27. I insist that I’m actually a blessing in disguise despite being a girl. lol

26. I’ve been sober since March.

25. Sometimes I miss smoking. There are tough times when you just want to puff puff puff.

24. Education is very important to me. If given a choice, I would want to study film, multimedia arts, philosophy, and psychology. Since my family isn’t willing to finance my education “whims”, I’m doing a bit of self-study.

23. I don’t like wearing a bra while inside my house.

22. I think I’m tone deaf.

21. I killed a cockroach uhm.. last week? Its body is still lying near the door. lol.

20. Anyone who can dance really well catches my attention. *ahem, Hyoyeon. *ahem, CL. *ahem, Taeyang