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HyoHyuk, the official blonde couple

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Hyohyuk 10/10/10

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Hyoyeon’s INCREDIBLE FAN SERVICE!!! She responded to a fan saying “I love you.”  She even waved to all her fans.

Another angle in the Hyohyuk love in SMtown LA. They were about to leave the stage when they did the “crying” thing.

what are you looking at?!

couple clothes?

dancing queen with his king

hyohyuk sorry sorry

hyoyeon getting wet

hyohyuk in white


Hyoyeon+Eunhyuk=Hyohyuk LOVE

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Hyohyuk is LOVE!

I have to admit that this was my least favorite Hyoyeon pairing before. I used to like Beast’s Doojoon more than Eunhyuk. But after watching some clips of Eunhyuk, I noticed that he really likes Hyo. Maybe I’m just assuming, but their closeness can’t be denied.

This is the power dance couple! Oh yeah!