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K-Pop Fandom

I’m loving Girls’ Generation even more, and I’m loving Hyoyeon even more. I thought that after one year or less, I would get tired of liking her. But as time passes, I’m loving her even more. There are a lot of things to love about her. But the number one thing that I like about her is her awesome fan service. She never fails to acknowledge fans. Here’s a video of her awesome service:

I’m also excited with the upcoming October concert of Bigbang in the Philippines! Yay! I’m coming, of course!

Love Life

Still single but very happy

Spiritual Life

Serving in church (I’m Catholic) keeps me busy these days! I serve in the Creatives and Events Ministry where I met a lot of awesome people who are very much good influences in my life. They are the type of friends that I’ve been looking for. Thank You, Lord!


SNSD Good Vibes

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Appreciating SNSD after my prejudice against them

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I never thought that I would come to like and even love some SNSD members.

Like many who don’t appreciate SNSD, I used to have this impression that they are factory-manufactured dolls that underwent strictest quality control to ensure that they have no defects.

At first, these perfect dolls absolutely didn’t have an effect on me. I didn’t buy the idea that dolls as perfect as them actually exists. I remember there was this one time I was watching their video in my laptop, and I was just staring at them with a blank expression. I was just not into hot chicks. At that time I thought that maybe if I were a lesbian or a guy, I would appreciate them. These pretty women didn’t please me at all. But don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a hater or anything. It was just that I had no reason to check out hot girls. Hence, I had no reason to like them.

I started watching Hello Baby to see how these pretty girls would do as mothers. And of course, the cute baby, Kyungsan was just too adorable to watch. I was half-expecting SNSD to be like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie who were really irresponsible yet amusing in their show Simple Life. I was proven wrong when I saw how SNSD’s natural maternal instinct showed while taking care of Kyungsan. They all loved to take care of Kyungsan, and they were willing to do everything to please him.

I also saw in Hello Baby how dorky they were. They hit each other, they fool around, and they do all sort of crazy stuff that normal girls do. Then it hit me. They are actually normal girls that do normal things. They are not the defect-free factory- manufactured dolls that I thought they were. They are imperfect. They are crazy. They are dorks. They wrestle with each other. They love to play pranks.

They are humans that have feelings. If you see this side of SNSD, you will realize that it is unfair that they get all sorts of rude comments and irrational hate from people who don’t even know who they are as persons. It’s totally understandable not to like them as idols. I mean we all have different tastes when it comes to choosing our ideal idols. But we all have to remember that they are humans, too. They do deserve respect from others.

As SM Entertainment’s premiere girl group, I think the perfect image they portray is just part of SME’s marketing strategy. Beneath this superficial image, I see really genuine ladies with irresistible inner beauty.


I’m settled of not becoming a Sone because I like them as real persons, not as idols.

Hyoyeon+Eunhyuk=Hyohyuk LOVE

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Hyohyuk is LOVE!

I have to admit that this was my least favorite Hyoyeon pairing before. I used to like Beast’s Doojoon more than Eunhyuk. But after watching some clips of Eunhyuk, I noticed that he really likes Hyo. Maybe I’m just assuming, but their closeness can’t be denied.

This is the power dance couple! Oh yeah!

Hyoyeon can’t be anonymous

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She is such a beauty!

Will post more!

Hyoyeon, the spotlight should be on you!

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I’m a Blackjack, alright? But when there’s nothing new with 2NE1, I get bored and give other girl groups a chance to catch my attention. lol. I mean, of course I want to know what made others like them. Seriously, I also get curious with other girl groups.

Lately, I’ve been watching SNSD. With nine gorgeous ladies, it’s hard to stand out. The members that I first noticed were Sunny, Yuri, and Taeyeon. I see them the most in various variety shows. In variety shows, members with aegyo of course get the most number of air time. On the other hand, in performances, the most popular member gets focused frequently.

For a while, SNSD had no effect on me. They have similar moves and appearance. They move as one, which is necessary for a group with many members. That also means that not a lot of members are given the chance to shine. I like them. It’s pleasing to watch them whether they’re doing variety shows or performing live. But still I wasn’t super impressed when they perform. NOT UNTIL…


I absolutely had no idea she IS that GOOD.  I mean I thought all they know is to act cute, I didn’t know that the a SNSD member knows how to be fierce! It’s just that they’re always acting cute and all that. So, I find it amazing to see Hyoyeon’s fierceness.  I kept watching this over and over again.

The spotlight should be on Hyoyeon. With the talent and a gorgeous body she has, she should  be given full attention. She’s fierce! I am a number one fan of fierceness! It moves me when someone performs with so much passion.

Whew! Hyoyeon, are you sure you’re in the right group? Are you even in the right entertainment company?

Hyoyeon deserves to shine! I have one wish though…perfrom a killer dance routine with Taeyang!!! OMG, that would be soo great! I mean both of them flows really well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!