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Hyoyeon International Forum

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It’s now easy to remember!

Let’s go there Hyohunnies!


Hyoyeon international forum!

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addicted to Hyo? Register at Hyoyeon’s International Forum.

c’mon and let’s spazz like crazy. that will be our home. =)

7 shot Hyoyeon *hotness overload*

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Photos of Hyoyeon in my office computer are piling up!

WARNING: May cause intense spazzing, heart palpitations, and erratic breathing.

bare faced. still a beauty!

genie, make my wish come true.

*heart palpitations*

hotness with glasses

aww sweet look

hair down

damn gorgeous hyo!

Loyalty check: Blackjack or Sone?

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I can’t help but sigh on this topic. This is easy for me to answer but it requires explanation so as not to get misunderstood. This entry is a comparison of my LOVE to both groups and NOT a comparison of both groups, okay?

My answer is..I’m certainly a Blackjack. BUT am I Sone? I don’t think I am. I like SNSD, but I think it’s not enough to be called a fan. However, I can be called a Hyoyeon fan. =) I mean she’s my number two girl crush. Number one spot will always be CL. hehe.

I don’t have a Girl’s Generation album yet and I’m not sure if I will purchase one. On the other hand, I have 2NE1’s first mini album. I had to use my “Korean connections” to get it since it’s not available in the Phil. I may not be enticed to buy SNSD’s album, but I am really tempted to splurge on the photobook. OMG, they are just so lovely.

Why is it hard for me to be a Sone? I like Hyo above all of them and it hurts me if she’s not given much attention. When they’re dancing, of course, Hyo would be in the middle, but the effin cameraman still focuses on this popular member that is soooo mediocre in dancing. It’s like it’s hard for me to love them all because of the undeserved attention that this certain member gets. I guess there is really a difference in the concept of beauty in each country. I don’t see anything special in this particular popular member of SNSD. I mean her face is just okay. As long as her make up is nicely done, she looks fine. If she has no make up, she doesn’t even look like a celebrity. And her talent is just mediocre. So yeah, I really don’t understand the hype on this member. It’s not that I hate her, it’s just that the attention she’s getting is too much that she doesn’t deserve it.

Sometimes I wish Hyo is in another girl group or maybe in another company. I am very much aware of the capability of SM to sensationalize idols, but I’m also aware of the way the lousy treatment they give to some idols. But then again, this is just wishful thinking. Hyo is still needed in SNSD. An exceptional dancer is still very much crucial in a group’s success. I just hope that more and more people would appreciate her. I am guilty of ignoring her at first and it took me a long time to notice her. Whatever. I hope she’s fulfilled as SNSD member. =)

My love for SNSD can be summarized to this:


My Hyo love determines my love for SNSD. As long as she’s there, I will like and support SNSD.

My love for 2NE1:

I’m sorry I have no equation for this. They are the first group that got me hooked on KPOP. That first group always hold a place in your heart, right? I know some people who liked TVXQ first before anything else. Even when they like other groups, they will forever be a Cassie. My love for 2NE1 will always be there. I love all of them. I can spend the whole day just watching their videos. haha. They have the ability to really have me forget reality.