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Strike2: Heart palpitation c/o YG family

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When I saw this, I had irregular heartbeats. Gyuri is really hot and she really deserves to be called a Goddess. Of course, Taeyang is getting hotter each day. Every time I see Taeyang, it’s like I want to offer myself to him. He’s just too YUMMY. HAHA.   THIS IS ONE HOT COUPLE! I would love to see more! I’ll call this the HOTNESS COUPLE. =)

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I was at the office when I saw this. I felt my body stopped functioning as I kept staring on this photo. It was like CL is staring at me too. CL will always be my favorite 2NE1 member, my favorite leader, my favorite rapper, my favorite celebrity, and my favorite girl. It will never change. So yeah, she has an overwhelming effect on me. Be CL-overdosed at CLBADDESTFEMALE FANBLOG.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT the least is the dance machine, the maknae of 2NE1! Gong Minzy looks really cool here. I’ve said this before, that I really like her boyish charm. Seeing her being tough makes me so proud of her. Although CL is and will always be my favorite, Minzy is also special to me. First, her awesome dancing skills is really a turn on for me. Second, I can totally relate with her as a maknae too. I know how hard it is to perform well combined with the difficulty of dealing with pressure of exceeding the expectations of many people. I can also understand her somewhat passivity that was shown in 2NE1 TV. It’s never easy to get rid of self-doubts and prove oneself. I can tell by Minzy’s actions that she’s somewhat struggling to go all out. I think she’s still a bud, waiting for the right time to bloom. I will patiently wait for that day that she would turn into a beautiful and fully-bloomed flower. =)