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No other couple like this king and queen

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I so love this video made by TheRen214. The song is perfect! I know some of you are not SkyDragon shippers. I really understand you guys, especially Daragon shippers. Before MAMA, I was more of a Daragon supporter because I think it’s ridiculous to pair up two people like CL and GD who are so similar in so many ways. CL is like a female GD. I thought that Dara and GD had more chemistry. In fact they’re perfect together! However, when I saw the closeness of CL and GD in MAMA, somehow it left a deep impression on me. I mean, their closeness was not staged, it wasn’t even for a performance. It was oh so spontaneous.

Now, I’m not going to argue if they’re really a couple or not. I actually don’t give a damn if they are. What makes me happy is seeing them getting along well with each other. Of course, their so-called public display of affection (ehem, I can’t count the number of times they hugged and the camera caught it) never fails to make my heart melt.

Whether they’re a couple or not, their closeness is really priceless. As a girl, I somehow envy CL for having a close relationship with a guy like GD. From what I can see, their relationship is not something malicious. It seems that they’re just there for each other, supporting each other. They’re close and there is no doubt about that.


I sort of fell in love with CL first before I fell in love with GD. haha. Her personality and her looks captivated me. I don’t “love” her just because she’s hot. I’m actually not impressed by physical beauty. God knows there are a lot of beauties out there with no substance, talent, and personality at all! I’m talking about local showbiz here. They’re just shallow and superficial bitches.

I said to myself that if there’s ever a guy like CL, I will not even think twice and offer myself to him. HAHA. So I realized later on, that CL is actually a female version of GD. I used to hate guys like GD.  I absolutely don’t like skinny and androgynous guys. Everything has changed though. GD is an exception to my rule of no skinny guys. I prefer guys like Taeyang. He’s soooo masculine. I love that!  But then again, at the end of the day, looks will not matter at all. It’s always the personality that makes you stay.


Yummy boys!

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new couple? haha! looooove them much! they’re soooo hot!!

Strike2: Heart palpitation c/o YG family

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When I saw this, I had irregular heartbeats. Gyuri is really hot and she really deserves to be called a Goddess. Of course, Taeyang is getting hotter each day. Every time I see Taeyang, it’s like I want to offer myself to him. He’s just too YUMMY. HAHA.   THIS IS ONE HOT COUPLE! I would love to see more! I’ll call this the HOTNESS COUPLE. =)

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I was at the office when I saw this. I felt my body stopped functioning as I kept staring on this photo. It was like CL is staring at me too. CL will always be my favorite 2NE1 member, my favorite leader, my favorite rapper, my favorite celebrity, and my favorite girl. It will never change. So yeah, she has an overwhelming effect on me. Be CL-overdosed at CLBADDESTFEMALE FANBLOG.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT the least is the dance machine, the maknae of 2NE1! Gong Minzy looks really cool here. I’ve said this before, that I really like her boyish charm. Seeing her being tough makes me so proud of her. Although CL is and will always be my favorite, Minzy is also special to me. First, her awesome dancing skills is really a turn on for me. Second, I can totally relate with her as a maknae too. I know how hard it is to perform well combined with the difficulty of dealing with pressure of exceeding the expectations of many people. I can also understand her somewhat passivity that was shown in 2NE1 TV. It’s never easy to get rid of self-doubts and prove oneself. I can tell by Minzy’s actions that she’s somewhat struggling to go all out. I think she’s still a bud, waiting for the right time to bloom. I will patiently wait for that day that she would turn into a beautiful and fully-bloomed flower. =)

Capacity to Love

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A while ago, I read Taeyang’s GQ Korea interview. It was a long article posted in but still I continued to read it while working at the office. I then got the impression that Taeyang is a really deep person. Behind his shy personality, I think there lies his emotions that go unexpressed.

Now let’s try to focus on the contrasting personality of Gdragon and Taeyang so that we can understand Taeyang’s personality better. Gdragon is the type of person who can express himself directly, while Taeyang has a lot of feelings and emotions buried inside him. These feeling go unexpressed. Perhaps, he has no idea how to open up and just let those emotions erupt. Another thing, we can easily read Gdragon’s feelings. These days he is under tremendous amount of stress because of the on-going investigation. If you are really observant, you can see in the latest videos that he is really affected. Taeyang, on the other hand is very hard to read. He is not posing as a mysterious type of guy. He is just so hard to analyze, okay?

Then, why am I analyzing Taeyang’s personality? It’s because I can really identify myself with him. I also have to deal with the whirlwind of emotions inside of me and it’s always a struggle for me to just let it all out. Going back to his interview in GQ Korea, his issue of being loveless ever since was brought up. Unlike Taeayang, I have experienced falling in love and getting hurt big time. But that was last year. It has been a long time since I have experienced love. Still, I think that Taeyang and I are going through the same path. It’s not because someone does not love us.  Our capacity to open up and be vulnerable is in question. Sometimes, the issue is our capacity to love.

There’s got to be somebody
I search around the world
But I cant seem to find
Somebody to love

I know its hard to achieve
But can’t a girl believe?

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